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I truly love you, too, my Wanderer.
He saw that she was having a bad day, and for some reason
it bothered him. He couldn't stop thinking about her after
their short, but sweet first meeting at the X-Factor studios.
He was buzzing when she followed him on Twitter and instantly
sent her a DM. Since then, they've been messaging each other
and even exchanged numbers. He was catching up with family, while she
was working a meet & greet with fans. He stepped away from his
overly loud family and sent her a quick text message, hoping to
cheer her up a little.
She felt her phone vibrate in her hand, she looked down andthe name
alone brought a smile to her face; but what was written is what sent
the butterflies and her heart fluttering at an alarming pace.
She quickly showed her sister the text, "he's in love with you!" The
younger sister, teased. She told her younger sister to shut up, as she
rolled her eyes. The smile still plastered on her face. She read the
message one more time, before beginning to type a reply. "What are
you saying?" Her younger sister eagerly asked, as she peered over the
older girl's shoulder. [x]
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